Estate Management

We strongly believe that we are tasked to care for the things which we have been entrusted with.  As it is said, what you appreciate, appreciates.  Thus, our approach in Estate Management is rather simple. 


For us, the primary aim of Estate Management is to “Live True”. This is our internal mantra. When Living True, everything is in alignment. It is in complete order. “Mise en place” ~ meaning, everything in it’s place. Operating the way that it (or for that matter we) were designed to function. Our goal is not to merely build a client base. Or a community. Or even a tribe. We seek to build a Family. A Family of like-minded relations in which we can provide a service of care-taking for generations to come. With over 27 years of building experience in the Atlanta market, we have developed strong relationships with top level trades and vendors who we would love to introduce into the care of your home.


The building of a Home, or for that matter the ordering of an Estate or Life,

should be marked by nothing more than simplicity and finesse.


~ Live True, Live Elegant

Well Composed Homes
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