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What Does Well Composed Homes Value Most?

We lead with aesthetics, followed up by soundness. Developing a company that is more than a building firm.  It’s an ideology.  A philosophy for living.  For us, a Well Composed Home is a spectacular, encompassing, restorative, life-giving treasure.  It’s a place that effortlessly provides security from the harsh elements of the world.  A place that holds a special spot in a child’s heart of wonderful times.  A place where modern day complexities casually melt away.  And, a place where families simply become one once again.  At the end of the day, It’s Elegant.

The truest definition of Elegance that we’ve seen:

“Being able to put forth a small amount of effort, and manifest an abundant result”.

Achieving this takes quite a bit of orchestration.

A Well Composed Home is the culmination of a variety of different building and design disciplines, all coming together simultaneously, which creates a harmony.  A home that is not only a gem but one that is also enduring.  A gem certainly because of it’s beauty.  To be enduring though, it has to be sustainable. And, in order for it to be sustainable, it has to be livable. In other words, a home needs to be welcoming, comforting, well arranged and efficient.  It needs to provide a sense of pleasure and calm.  And then, most of all, it needs to provide that element of refuge and rejuvenation where families can recharge.  If these qualities are achieved than the family will place an enormous value on it and they will take immense care of it.

If we, as builders, take such a holistic approach in creating such a home around these homeowner’s deep-seated desires, then the owners inevitably will have their quality of life raised and the home itself will have extended her lifespan. This is truly sustainable building. This is about creating a home that people will Thrive in. Yes, it includes, the role of the best of construction techniques and highest performing building products. And crafting the most stylistic kitchen or bathroom designs. Comprising a unified architectural theme throughout.  As well as the outfitting of furnishings that are totally in sync with the owners tastes of decor. Yet, it goes much further.  It is about all of these things working in concert with each other.  Bringing the entire home into total alignment.  Ultimately, the goal at Well Composed Home, is to craft you a home which no other could replace.


Our purpose in life, when you boil it down to the essence, is just one thing.  To leave the world in a better place than you found it. To make the things that we come across and the things that we are left in charge of simply a little better each and every day.  


And then, to do what we can to help the person next to us make their world a little bit better as well.


We would welcome the opportunity to help you transform your home into your own personal work of art.

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